Document & Statement Verification

Documents are a weak link in the verification of claims, transactions, underwriting and receipt acceptance. The reason? Documents are easily falsified. At Quin, we want to provide peace of mind by ensuring that documents are authentic and have not been modified. Empower your customers and business partners with Quin!

Everyone Wins with Quin

Companies use many expensive, time consuming, and friction-filled processes such as Verification of Deposit, 4506-T tax form retrieval, screen scraping, phone calls and emails to verify a variety claims made by consumers, prospects, and business partners.

Now with Quin, any document can be verified in seconds with the simple, easy-to-use Quin mobile app.

Businesses and consumers all win with Quin through speed, certainty, and reduced costs.

Purchase Orders

Create verifiable PO documents that cannot be altered to steal merchandise.


Create paystubs than any third party can use to verify income in seconds, ending phone calls and empowering employees.

Bank Statements

Create bank statements that don’t require storing customer credentials to prove bank transaction history.

Large Receipts

Make audit of travel receipts and T&E portfolios instant and 100% accurate, drivings down costs for Accounting.

How Quin Works

The company creating the document or statement (aka the Information Provider) uses the Quin supplied API to request a Quin Code in real time. The Info Providers puts the Quin Code on their document.

When verified, Verified by Quin returns key metadata associated with the document, to the individual reviewing the document (aka the Information Verifier) to verify its authenticity. The verification is accomplished using either the Verified by Quin mobile app, or the provided API. In many cases the Information Provider will be paid for this verification, and funds flow back to the Information Provider at settlement. 

Data returned to the Information Verifiers is only what already exists on the the physical document, visible on the statement including the Quin Code. Date stored at Quin is never unencrypted at rest.

Sample Use Cases

Quin can verify any document or statement with precision and speed. Some other sample use cases:

  • Quin income verification,  so simple and friction free,  it is added to the underwriting arsenal for apartment rentals, pay day loans, credit card issuing and other traditional areas such as mortgage and personal loans.
  • A manufacturing firm receives a purchase order from an existing client, but wants to confirm it is genuine as the shipping address has changed. Instead of calling and spending time on the phone trying to get the right individual, the ordering company has used Quin on all outbound POs, allowing the vendor to instantly verify the document is legitimate with the Quin mobile app.

  • ​A hotel chain wants to ensure their folio receipts are easily verifiable by corporate accounting departs, so they use the Quin API to encode folio receipts. This is a simple integration for their property management system. This makes charges using personal cards 100% verifiable by corporate Accounts Payable professionals, helping the chain receive favored vendor status by corporate finance departments.

  • A mortgage company is processing a refinance application and the proof of insurance is a scanned declaration page from a homeowner’s policy. Because the declaration page includes a Quin code, the lender can verify the coverage amounts instantly, with 100% certainty.
  • ​A landlord receives a bank statement as proof of available funds. The bank statement has been encoded with a Quin Code, allowing the landlord to use the Quin mobile app to verify balances, dates, names, and address. Verification is instant, and the landlord can better focus on moving in the tenant, rather than reviewing additional applications.

  • ​A customer needs an up-to-date statement showing their credit card balance is paid off, and can't wait a month for the credit bureaus to update their records. Using Quin, the credit card company can generate a verifiable and dated statement, showing the zero balance as of a specific date.

  • A large mortgage company uses the Quin API to verify the validity of a brokerage statement. The API provides key metadata, which can be processed automatically by the mortgage company’s loan origination system, instantly while reducing manual labor costs.