Give Quin a Try

To try the product for yourself, download the Verified by Quin app from the App Store,  and experience the product by verifying the sample documents below.

If viewing on a desktop, snap a picture of the docs with our app. If viewing on a mobile device, screen grab the Quin Code and open the image with the app. 

The 43 second instructional video to the right highlights using the product. 

Demo Narrative

Pay Stub and Lease

Jane Harper is an employee at Acme Supply Company and she is in the market for a new apartment. Getting an apartment isn't easy, as she lives in a city where rentals are very competitive. She is further hindered by being an hourly employee which makes her less attractive to prospective landlords.

Fortunately for Jane, her company uses Quin and her pay stubs include Quin Codes, meaning they are 100% verifiable, instantly by anyone with the Verified by Quin mobile app or API. 

Jane presents her paystub to the prospective landlord, who now realizes he can instantly verify her income on a weekend, with no need to call anyone. Jane immediately moves to the front of the line, ahead of other prospective renters.

Jane's HR department doesn't have to take a phone call to verify her employment, the landlord can qualify her instantly, and Jane gets her apartment. Everyone wins. 

Document to
Verify with Quin

Purchase Orders 

Generous Computers is a small business that has built a reputation for outstanding service and has thrived in the community. They are excited to receive a new Purchase Order from Lincolnia Hills Hospital, an existing customer. 

The shipping department notices the PO looks different from most, as the email address isn't a business email address, and the shipping address isn't where they normally ship computers for Lincolnia. PO fraud is a real problem, and verification can be time consuming. The PO may not be verified and a criminal could then obtain the inventory and Generous is left with no recourse. It's an unfortunate, yet very real situation today.

Fortunately, Lincolnia Hills uses Quin to make their Purchase Order documents 100% instantly verifiable by its vendors.  The computer order is verified instantly with Quin Thus, both parties save time, costs, and mitigate fraud risk.