Consent Verification & Attestation

Quin puts an end to questions on consumer acceptance by providing an auditable, third party service that tracks consumer acceptance of new products, terms of service, and agreement to company business practices regulated by TCPA or other regulations. Consumer acceptance,  including physical device information, is recorded and can be reviewed with auditors and regulators to prove consumer intent and acceptance.

How Quin verifies Consumer Consent

The illegal cross selling of products to unsuspecting consumers is a hot topic in financial services.
Using the Quin platform, financial service providers can prove acceptance by the consumer of a new product with 100% certainty. Various regulatory bodies, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), have fined companies involved in the illegal cross-selling hundreds of millions of dollars, with additional civil and criminal suits pending. 

Quin provides an auditable, third party service that tracks the acceptance of new products and TOS by consumers.
Quin accomplishes this via mobile device push notifications to the consumer, with a device/user-level recording of acceptance events, including new products, terms of service, or consent to business practices covered under TCPA. Quin’s customers are provided a full reporting of events for internal audit.  Quin can also provide attestation services for regulatory needs.

Simple API to push consent confirmation to the consumer, with notification to the consumer on their mobile device.
Responses take a second from the consumer, and  can be asynchronous or synchronous depending on the use case.  Quin maintains record for attestation purposes, including all details on the physical device used.